EXCLUSIVE: MLB All Star Robinson Cano on Waiting For a Latino Jackie Robinson

We caught up with Robinson Cano right before he took home the big prize at the Home Run Derby yesterday and asked him about the MLB All Star game, airing live tonight from the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium in Phoenix at 8 pm on FOX.

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Obviously a hot topic surrounding the All Star game this year has been the recent passing of the SB 1070 immigration laws and the fact that so many baseball players in the Major Leagues are Latinos, and immigrants to boot. When we asked Cano about the talks about boycott, he was conflicted on the topic.

"What can I say?" Cano said. "All of baseball isn’t only about Latinos and this is something that not only one person can do," he conceded. "For something to happen, we’d have to get together, talk about it and figure out what to do as a group."

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So what would it take for Latino players to get together? Maybe it's time for a Latino Jackie Robinson, whom Cano is named for, and Robi apparently agrees.

"I would say yes—yes, definitely. Things have to progress and there has to be someone willing to take that on," Robinson said.

"I think it will happen, for sure," Cano said of the Latino ball players needing a leader to galvanize them as a group. "But right now, there isn’t anyone who is ready or willing to do it."