EXCLUSIVE: Mark Indelicato Congratulates Golden Globe Nominee Chris Colfer

A few weeks ago, Mark Indelicato told us he wished that Chris Colfer’s Glee character Kurt was less of a victim. “I think every gay character on TV—whether it be a boy or a girl, or even somebody questioning their sexuality—I would like to see them portrayed as stronger and more independent, not squeamish.”

In part two of our interview with Mark, the 16-year-old actor offers congratulations to Colfer on being up for an award at this Sunday's Golden Globes, but also talks about the need for more Latino and Gay characters on television. 

How do you feel about Chris Colfer getting a Golden Globe nomination for playing Kurt on Glee?

That’s amazing for him, congratulations to Chris Colfer. He plays a very iconic character on TV right now in Glee, and I wish him all the best.

Do you watch Glee?

I do. Sometimes people try to compare the Justin character to Kurt, and there really isn't any comparison. Glee is not a show like Ugly Betty was, so I think that Chris Colfer's character is a lot more of a theatrical version of what Justin was - I mean, Justin was of course outgoing, flamboyant, very animated—but there were those points in time where it really did break down, and it got real. Kurt has the moments too, but Glee is a completely different show primarily in the sense that we tried to make some of the struggles that Justin was put in the least stereotypical as we possibly could. We tried to make it real and like you were living it, whereas in Glee it's a show full of fun and full of life, so when he is going through those situations, they are put in a little bit more of the Hollywood way.  

Still, it's a good thing that a gay character is getting some awards recognition, right?

Of course! Jane Lynch winning an Emmy last year, being a part of the gay community, even though her character isn't [gay], was wonderful, and especially Chris Colfer being recognized for playing a gay character. I think that was one of my goals as an actor. For me, it wasn't about myself being nominated for an award - it was about a step in the right direction so that actors and characters like Kurt could be recognized and respected. I'm very happy for him. 

To what do you attribute to the lack of Latinos on television?

Well, I just think that we live in America and I think that, yes after a while Hollywood has become a lot more integrated with putting Latinos on television, but you know, it's going to take a while. Ugly Betty is one of the only shows—besides The George Lopez Show that came before us—that really has had a Latino character as the centerpiece of the whole show. It's going to take a while, acceptance of the gay community, acceptance of racial integration. It all takes so long and Latinos on television doesn't seem like the most important issue right now. Hopefully Ugly Betty has sparked a new generation full of Latino television. 

Will you do another TV show?

(Hesitates). Yeah. It's kind of hard because we all want to work, we all want to be busy, but for me, doing a show like that and growing up with those people, it's hard just to kind of pick up and move on even still and it's going to be almost a year. I just don’t know if i'm ready to move on and do something else yet. That’s why I've been taking a little bit of a break.