EXCLUSIVE: Michael Trevino Fills in the Blanks

In the March issue of Latina (on newsstands now!), we asked Mexican actor Michael Trevino (star of the CW"s hit series The Vampire Diaries) to fill in the blanks...

Here's what our favorite vampire/werewolf had to say about his favorite episode of The Vampire Diaries, getting hounded by paparazzi, and where he sees himself in ten years!

If I could play any superhero on screen it would be:


My craziest fan encounter was:

Not many people know where we film, but these girls drove from Tennessee to Atlanta and out of nowhere, they popped up and were like, Hey, hi! Then security came. But  I thought it was cute.

Getting hounded by the paparazzi is:

The worst. {Laughs}. 

My all-time favorite episode  of the Vampire Diaries is:

My transformation episode.

If I were to go on  a romantic vacation anywhere, I would go to:


The most confusing thing about women is:

Why they need so many pairs of high heels.

The sexiest Latina on the planet is:

Right now, I'd have to say Sofia Vergara.

The best way to deal with a breakup is:

Just hang out with your close friends.

My favorite Spanish song is:

“Canción del Mariachi” by Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas. It’s on the Desperado soundtrack.

The best thing about being Mexican is:

Having authentic Mexican food made by my grandmother.

If I were to star  in a telenovela,  I would play a character who:

{Laughs}. Enters every scene on a horse!

The thing that annoys me most is:

People being late.

In the next 10 years I see myself:

Directing feature films.

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is:

Traveling to Paris by myself. 

My favorite website is:


The best advice I’ve ever gotten is:

Just be yourself.

My favorite sports team is:

The Los Angeles Lakers. 

My favorite thing  to do with my boys is:

Play poker.

The easiest way  to make me laugh is:

If somebody can do a really good impression of somebody else.