EXCLUSIVE: Sara Ramirez on Having Babies: "The Clock's Ticking, And I Totally Hear It!"

On the new season of Grey's Anatomy (premiering Thursday at 9/8c), Grey's fans will get to know Sofia, the daughter of Sara Ramirez's character, Callie Torres. And when we spoke with Ramirez, the Mexican actress couldn't stop gushing about the twins who play Sofia—two adorable little girls named Ema, and Sara (like Ramirez herself). 

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"When they bring the babies in, they're just so sweet and cute," Ramirez gushed. "They both give you different reactions, their personalities are so different, and it's really fun because they're getting big—it's kind of wild seeing them [grow] on set."

All of the gushing prompted us to ask Sara if playing a mom on Grey's makes her want to become one in real life. "I'm not expressing anything negative or positive about it necessarily,' she explains. 'I’m definitely thinking about it—I will say that. I'm thinking about it, and I'm really taking it very seriously, because I feel that when you bring a child into the world, it's a very, very big responsibility." 

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Ramirez, who turned 36 last month, says she still has the opportunity to have children. "I'm very aware of how old I am and I'm very aware of what that means in terms of statistics, and so, yes, I'm considering it. The clock's ticking, and I totally hear it!"

Ramirez adds that at 36 she knows better who she is and what she wants from life, and says she's glad she didn't have kids at a younger age. "What I'm grateful for is that I waited this long," she explains. "Having one because I'm 20-something and my parents are telling me I should and everybody's pressuring me—there's tons of reasons why people have children and whether anybody agrees with it or not, I think at the end of the day, I'm a much more giving person in my 30's than I would’ve been in my 20's for sure," she says. "I'll be a lot clearer about who I am and what I want and how to give unconditional love and attention to a child." 

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The actress, who got engaged last month and plays fan favorite Callie Torres on Grey's, says she's also in the right place when it comes to her career. "My dreams have come true and I have been lucky enough to have had a lot of opportunities in my career."

But don't expect Sara to name her daughter after herself. "I don't think I would name her Sara," she says.