Fergie Explains Why She Chose Name "Axl Jack"

New mamá Fergie revealed to Ellen DeGeneres why she chose the unique name Axl Jack for her adorable new baby boy...and it involves a crazy "fangirl" experience.

“I had this dream, and I was in the audience at the festival. It was outdoors and it was all grimy and nobody knew who I was,” the singer, 38, recalled. “On stage singing was Jim Morrison and then came Bob Marley and then Axl Rose. I was in heaven in this dream, and I’m dancing and just getting into the music.”

Unfortunately, her dream concert experience was cut short when her son–in the womb at the time–kicked her in the stomach for the first time.

“It was really beautiful and I woke [my husband] Josh [Duhamel] up and I said ‘Honey, honey, honey, he kicked me! He finally kicked me!”

The parents, who welcomed their son on August 29, had already decided upon the middle name “Jack”, as an homage to Fergie’s uncle, who passed away last year. According to her, “Axl Jack” just seemed to flow. 

“It’s just had this ring to it,” she said. “It was very strong.”

Adorable! Check out the full interview below: