This is What 'Grown-ish' Star Francia Raísa Would Tell Her Younger Self About College

Instagram/Francia Raísa

On Jan. 3, the highly anticipated Grown-ish, staring Yara Shahidi (Zoey) debuted on FreeForm. And Selena Gomez’s real-life bestie and superhero Francia Raísa lights up the screen Zoey’s new friend. Not to give anything away, but she also becomes her roommate.

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Grown-ish, the serialized spinoff of ABC’s wildly popular and award-winning comedy Black-ish, doesn’t waste any time getting to the problems (drugs, parties, etc.) and people college students encounter, including Francia’s Ana, who is a Miami born and raised Latinx and is also—gasp—a Republican.

But she secretly is crushing on Barack Obama. Yep, we saw the picture stashed in her Bible. Ana is also the girl who gets wasted at a party and throws up in a kiddie pool (yuck), which causes Zoey to ditch her at said party. Not cool, but Zoey does pay for it later and rightly so. Honestly, we knew this show was going to be lit after seeing that Breakfast-club inspired promo.

Raísa didn’t go to college (she’s been a working actress since age 17 years), but the advice that she’d give to her younger self is: go to college. The 29-year-old star who auditioned and got the part on her birthday (July 26) spoke to Teen Vogue on the eve of Grown-ish’s premiere and admitted, “That's something that I am going to do even if it's later in life. I worked in my senior year of high school. I booked Bring It On and I've been working consistently since. But I still could've made [college] happen… I know it is not for everyone but I'm a person that likes to have a teacher, I like taking notes, and I like reading.”

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It sounds like we could see Raísa popping up in a women's studies course soon, but for now, check her out on FreeForm in Grown-ish.