EXCLUSIVE OUTTAKES: Genesis Rodriguez's April 2016 Cover Shoot!

Want even more from our April 2016 cover star, Genesis Rodriguez? Check out these exclusive quotes from her cover shoot: 

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1. Genesis Outtakes: 1

On love and relationships: "The lesson I learned is that no relationship will fulfill you unless you love yourself. If you don't put yourself first, then nothing will come. Girls forget to date their equal. We forget. Why do we go for the bad options? I don't know why this happens."

2. Gensis Outtakes: 2

On growing up 'famous': "My friends were well-off but not famous. I remember once there was a lice epidemic at my private Catholic school. I loved that day, because everyone got off school. I didn't have lice. But it came out in the newspapers that la hija del Puma had lice. That's so shitty. I didn't have lice, but I was the one blamed for everyone else's lice situation."

3. Genesis Outtakes: 7

On her dad's feelings toward her work: "Recently, he's loved everything that I've done. He's been my biggest fan. The first that was super awkward for me was the sex scene in Casa de mi Padre with the butts. Imagine your dad seeing that! I had to kiss Will Ferrell. I was still uncomfortable with the idea of my dad watching it, but he was laughing hysterically. I'll never forget that."

4. Genesis Outtakes: 3

On her best life advice: "Date your equal. Don't waste your time. Focus on your own path, and forget about other people's path. Don't compare yourself because you're cheating yourself of your own success."

5. Genesis Outtakes: 8

On nude scenes: "[My dad] is always the first to say, 'Genesis, if you have to do a nude for a movie, you do it because it's for the character.' I'm very conservative with that stuff. It's just very easy that they can take a girl's clothes off like it's no big deal in a movie. They always take the Latinas' clothes off. It's a fetish thing. I don't want to fill that quota just to fill that quota. I don't want to be objectified and add to that stereotype that Latinas are sexpots and nothing else."

6. Genesis Outtakes: 4

On her dad's best advice: "My dad's advice was, 'Never look at the physical appearance. Look at their soul. Connect with their soul, Genesis.'"

7. Genesis Outtakes: 5

On the perils of social media: "It's so easy to compare your life with someone else's. If someone is on a trip in Hawaii, you think, 'Why am I not on a trip in Hawaii?' It's not about that. In fact, I've been debating all week whether or not I should delete Variety and the Hollywood Report. It's so easy to have those feelings, and I'm only human."

8. Genesis Outtakes: 10

On telenovela fans: "Telenovela fans are the best fans in the world. The majority of my fans, I would say, are from my telenovela days. They have followed me everywhere I go, and they're consistent. They're seeing Tusk. They're supporting my fill. They'll ask me, 'When are you coming back to telenovelas?' But I won't. I'd do a mini-series if they have one. My [telenovela] memories shaped me and helped me become the actress that I've become today. But the memories aren't necessarily the best."

9. Genesis Outtakes: 6

On her love life and what she wants in a partner: "I'm not in a relationship currently. My equal is somebody who is as driven in his career as I am in mine. Someone who doesn't want to compete with me career-wise. Someone who doesn't want to take away from me being me. Somebody who doesn't want to control me. Someone who is my equal. Hell no, I'm not dating an actor again."

10. Genesis Outtakes: 12

On the Republican nominees for president: "I watched the GOP debate, because I do drinking games to them with my friends. It's ridiculous, and I cannot believe that we have to discuss half the things they discuss. It really gets me so upset that we're still talking about abortion, gay rights. The things Donald Trump is saying are just blasphemous. The fact that he's actually having success is what's scary to me."

11. Genesis Outtakes: Video

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