#FeelTheBern: George Lopez Backs Sen. Bernie Sanders For President

George Lopez Backs Sen. Bernie Sanders For President
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The celebrity endorsements for president have begun trickling in just a little more than a year away from the general elections in November 2016. 

Earlier this month, boricua superstar Ricky Martin threw his support behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and now Mexican American comedian George Lopez has endorsed Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, another candidate for the Democratic party. 

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George Lopez has been extremely vocal in his criticism of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. In collaboration with Funny or Die, the comedian created several videos poking fun the businessman and his inflammatory rhetoric against Mexicans and Mexican Americans. In July, he told TMZ he would no longer be patronizing Trump's golf courses and wouldn't consider replacing the business mogul as host on Celebrity Apprentice. 

"Those comments are vile in any civilized society," he said. Later, he added. "There's enough racists in this country for him to get elected."

Lopez joins a growing number of celebrities who have spoken favorably or endorsed the senator from Vermont. Mark RuffaloSusan SarandonMia Farrow, Danny DeVito and Sarah Silverman have all tweeted or spoken about their respect for the candidate. 

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