It's Happening! The 'Gilmore Girls' Set is Being Rebuilt For the Rumored Revival

'Gilmore Girls' Teases Fans with Photos of New Stars Hallow Set

Gilmore Girls fanatics are still waiting on the edge of their seats for confirmation of the rumored reboot of the show, but new evidence indicates it's actually happening.

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Twitter user @CaddyGlass tweeted several photos of what appears to be the set of Stars Hollow, where Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham played mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore for seven glorious seasons. The final season aired in May of 2007.

the first photo shows Miss Patty’s beloved dance studio looking shiny and new with a “fresh coat of paint”.

A second tweet by the same user shows various Stars Hollow locations and props that Gilmore fans will surely recognize, including Ms. Kim's antique shop. @CaddyGlass writes, “p.s. familiar sightings in the props department/around the lot/painting Kim’s antiques. #thisisnotadrill”

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News broke of the show’s reboot in October of 2015. Rumor has it, the cast will reunite to film four 90-minute installments to air on Netflix.