Gisele Weighs in on Brazil's World Cup 2014 Logo

Spain won the World Cup so we’re done talking fútbol for a bit, right? Wrong!

The logo for the Brazil-based 2014 World Cup was just released July 8 by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, after having gone through a judging panel of famous Brazilians including supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Featuring Brazil’s signature colors of green and yellow, the design shows three winding hands that gather together in the shape of the World Cup trophy. Online discussions about the design note that the insignia feels particularly Brazilian with its spirited vibrancy, playfulness, and signature colors.

However, the emblem has already taken a lot of flak. The biggest criticisms so far are that the trademark is reminiscent of a face-palm (when you hold your face in your palm because you are ashamed or because someone said something exceedingly idiotic), that the judging panel should’ve consisted of designers and not celebrities, and that the "2014" looks like an out-of-place afterthought. Some were concerned that the logo depicts hands (illegally) grabbing a soccer ball, but alas the trophy’s orb is a globe, not a fútbol, and the game’s rules remain unbroken.

Panelist Gisele had more positive remarks regarding the symbol, stating on her Web site, "It was very nice to be able to participate in choosing the logo of the 2014 World Cup that will take place in Brazil. Soccer is a national passion and the Brazilians always look forward to the World Cup. It's a great opportunity to invest in the development of this country."

See the video of the new logo's unveiling below (which includes enthusiastic remarks from Gisele) and let us know what you think.