Hispanic NFL Players Earn Highest Average Salary, Study Finds

Latinos are the highest paid group in the NFL, according to a new study by BestTickets.com. The study found that the average salary for a Latino player was around $4 million. Not surprisingly, some of the highest paid football players are Latino, including Tony Romo ($17 million), Mark Sanchez ($11.65 million), Arian Foster ($8.7 million) and Tony Gonzalez ($7 million). 

The high average salary is also marked by the fact that the sample size is small. Less than one percent of all NFL players are Latino, according to the site. More than 66 percent of NFL players are black, while non-Latino whites make up nearly 30 percent.

With the high profile names raking in the big salaries, it makes sense that Latino players have a high average!

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