Hola, Sexy! 50 Shades of Latino

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie doesn't hit theaters until Valentine's Day 2015, but avid readers and fans can hardly contain their excitement over Christian Grey's on-screen debut.  We totally get the hype — Christian Grey pushes all our buttons. Still, we have a hard time believing he's any sexier than our favorite Latino stars. Here's the thing: Latinos come in all shades, shapes, and sizes, so there's something for everyone. 

Forget Christian Grey. We're obsessed with these 50 sexy Latinos: 

1. Victor Cruz

We have a giant crush on Puerto Rican NFL wide receiver, Victor Cruz. 

2. Ryan Lochte

Blonde, blue-eyed Cubano Ryan Lochte swam his way right into our hearts. 

3. Romeo Santos

Romeo, Romeo, whereforeart thou, Romeo Santos

4. Mario Lopez

Forget Christian Grey! Mario Lopez's all-black look has us in a tizzy... 

5. William Levy

50 Shades of Grey vs. six-pack of abs. Take your pick. (We choose William Levy.)

6. Laz Alonso

We'd roleplay 50 Shades any day with Cuban-American actor Laz Alonso

7. Pitbull

This is what we imagine Pitbull will wear when he makes us Mrs. Worldwide.

8. Mark Consuelos

Spanish-American stud Mark Consuelos is (sadly) off the market. He's been married to Kelly Ripa for over 18 years. 

9. Prince Royce

We have just one thing to say to Dominican hottie Prince RoyceDarte un beso!

10. Neymar Jr.

We'd love to score a gol with Brazilian hottie Neymar Jr. 

11. Lionel Messi

Soccer jerseys, suits, and everything in between -- Lionel Messi always looks sexy. 

12. Bruno Mars

Today, we don't feel like doin' anything. We just want to lay in our beds... with Bruno Mars

13. Tyson Beckford

Not even Anastasia Steele could resist Tyson Beckford's charm.

14. Ryan Guzman

Pretty Little Liars actor Ryan Guzman is having a Christian Grey moment. 

15. Michael Trevino

The Vampire Diaries stud Michael Trevino certainly knows how to fill out a suit.

16. Gael Garcia Bernal

Who knew Gael Garcia Bernal cleaned up so well?!

17. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal may be the number two tennis player in the world -- but he's the number one player in our hearts. 

18. Gerard Pique

Just one more reason to be jealous of Shakira! Can you believe she gets to go home to Spanish footballer Gerard Pique every night?

19. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin makes us want to take our clothes off and go dancin' in the rain. 

20. Tristan Wilds

Tristan Wilds, a.k.a Mack Wilds, rocks the all-black look.

21. Diego Luna

We love Diego Luna to la luna and back. 

22. Aaron Diaz

Proof that Aaron Diaz is actually the HOTTEST dad on Instagram

23. Marc Anthony

There's a very good reason Marc Anthony has scored hotties like Dayanara Torres, Shannon de Lima and Jennifer Lopez

24. Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian is one of the hottest Cubanos in Hollywood. 

25. Kid Cudi

We're in the pursuit of happiness.... and we think Mexicano Kid Cudi is the answer. 

26. Bobby Cannavale

Cuban-American actor Bobby Cannavale just gets better with age. 

27. Blake Jenner

We're totally loca for Glee star Blake Jenner

28. Victor Rasuk

Victor Rasuk may be playing Jose in Fifty Shades of Grey, but the sexy Dominicano totally could have pulled off Christian Grey's role, too. 

29. Mark Sanchez

Mexican-American quarterback Mark Sanchez won Eva Longoria over with his chiseled good looks. 

30. Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is a total heartbreaker. I mean, have you heard him sing

31. Edgar Ramirez

We have the hugest crush on blue-eyed, floppy-haired Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez.  

32. Diego Boneta

Mexican actor Diego Boneta looks great in a suit -- and even better shirtless. Here's proof.

33. Jake T. Austin

Puerto Rican-American actor Jake T. Austin is a heartthrob in the making.

34. Jay Hernandez

Mexican-American Jay Hernandez is crazy/beautiful.

35. Wilmer Valderrama

Someone needs to say it: Fez grew up fineWe still have a major crush on Venezuelan actor Wilmer Valderrama. 

36. Juan Pablo di Pace

Sexy Dallas star Juan Pablo di Pace boasts roots in Argentina, Spain, and the U.K. 

37. Ed Weeks

We go crazy for Salvadoran-English actor Ed Weeks' sexy British accent. 

38. Benjamin Bratt

Is it just us, or does Peruvian-American actor Benjamin Bratt keep getting better with age? 

39. Danny Pino

Ok, we admit it: we mostly watch Law & Order SVU to see Cubano Danny Pino in a suit. 

40. David Lambert

Don't let that baby face fool you! Boricua David Lambert stole our heart as Brandon Foster on The Fosters. 

41. Scotty McCreery

Boricua Scotty McCreery wooes us with his boyish good looks and his flawless voices. 

42. Harry Shum Jr.

We love that Chinese-Costa Rican Harry Shum Jr. can sing, dance and act. 

43. Rodrigo Santoro

We've been in love with Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Santoro since his infamous shirtless scene in Love Actually

44. Matt Cedeño

Devious Maids star Matt Cedeño attributes his chiseled face to an amazing combination of Afro-Cuban, Irish and English roots. 

45. Adam Rodriguez

No shame in admitting you were looking at Adam Rodriguez during Magic Mike instead of Channing Tatum. 

46. Carmelo Anthony

Anyone else jealous that La La gets to go home to sexy boricua Carmelo Anthony every night? 

47. David Gallagher

7th Heaven star David Gallagher owes his good looks to his Cuban-Irish heritage. 

48. Enrique Iglesias

Can you be our hero, Enrique Iglesias

49. Xabi Alonso

It should come as no surprise that Spanish footballer Xabi Alonso models when he's off the field.

50. Douglas Booth

Trust us: Spanish-British actor Douglas Booth is your next major crush.