Manlendar: The 12 Hottest Latinos of the Year—by Month!

From the Super Bowl to The Great White Way, a slew of salaciously sexy Latino men made our hearts skip a beat…or two…this year. Not only did these oh-so-caliente criaturas make their mark in their respective fields in 2012, but they did it while making us melt. We proudly present our Manlendar: The 12 Hottest Latinos of the Year—by month!  

1. Manlendar: Prince Royce


Prince Royce followed up his breakthrough year in 2011 by coming home to New York City to film the video for his monster bachata hit “Las cosas pequeñas,” which he released in early January. “Y la forma de tu mirar es lo que me enseña como amar,” croons the 23-year-old Dominican-American singer while strolling through Central Park. And just like that he makes us swoon like there’s no tomorrow. It’s no wonder the clip has been viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube

2. Manlendar: Victor Cruz


During Super Bowl XLVI, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz proved to be Eli Manning’s top target all night. He even scored one touchdown, giving him the chance to share his infamous salsa moves with the world. He even inspired Madonna to salsa at a pre-game press conference. But can you blame her? Cruz is irresistibly sexy; we wouldn’t mind spending a little time with him on the sidelines. Touchdown!

3. Manlendar: William Levy


Sure, William Levy is hot-hot-hot. But during his much-talked-about stint on Dancing with the Stars the Cuban-American telenovela star showed America he’s got the moves like Jagger. Throughout the season, Levy captured our undivided attention with his sizzling sambas and tantalizing tangos, not to mention those skin-tight pants and unbuttoned shirts; and he had us screaming, “Encore, encore!”

4. Manlendar: Ricky Martin


In April, the revival of the musical Evita officially opened on Broadway, drawing record crowds to the Marquis Theatre. But it wasn’t really Eva Perón’s story that brought them there. It was the chance to see Ricky Martin shaking his bon bon while rockin’ a sexy ‘stache. Who knew Martin, looking more mature with his slicked back hair and mustache, would bring the women to Broadway in droves. Bravo!

5. Manlendar: Adam Rodriguez


This summer Adam Rodriguez had us singing the lyrics to a certain 2000 hit song by Sisqó. “Let me see that thong th thong thong thong,” while watching the first trailers for Magic Mike, the former CSI: Miami star’s male stripper movie with Channing Tatum. With that quick flash of Rodriguez’s ample assets, we were more than ready to make it rain at the theater. And apparently we weren’t the only ones… Magic Mike would go on to rake in $39.1 million during its opening weekend.

6. Manlendar: Diego Boneta


One look at Diego Boneta and you can’t help but smile. The Mexican actor/singer is all shades of adorable. But this summer, Boneta let out his inner rock star in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages and had us reliving our hookin’-up-with-a-rocker fantasies. While watching him sing “Undercover Love,” we couldn’t help but imagine loving him under the covers!

7. Manlendar: Ryan Guzman


This summer Ryan Guzman came out of nowhere to make us do a double take… Or make that a sextuple take. Starring in the 3D dance flick Step Up Revolution, the former Mixed Martial Arts fighter with the amazing abs had us salivating! When all was said and done, we’d all agreed that Guzman was hands-down Latina’s “Sexiest Latino Man Alive!” 

8. Manlendar: Danell Leyva


During this year’s Summer Olympic Games, Danell Leyva had our heads spinning with his gravity defying gymnastic moves, which earned him a bronze medal in the men’s all-around competition in London. But it was the Cuban-American gymnast’s au naturel tendencies that really made us blush! From ESPN magazine’s “The Body Issue” to his leaked iPhone photos, it was abundantly clear that Leyva enjoys being desnudo. Not that we mind at all! 

9. Manlendar: Blake Jenner


It was clear during Blake Jenner’s winning appearance on Oxygen’s The Glee Project that the half-Cuban hottie was born to entertain. But it wasn’t until he appeared in his first episodes of Glee that we really saw him in a new light. With his boy-next-door charm, good looks and great voice, we were instantly enamored! And his masterful channeling of John Travolta in the Fox dramedy’s Grease-inspired episode, had us saying “Jenner is the word!”

10. Manlendar: Enrique Iglesias


Admit it; you’ve fantasized hooking up with Enrique Iglesias… Probably more than once! Well, apparently the sexy Spanish singer can read (naughty) minds. This October he brought our fantasies to life by releasing the oh-so-steamy music video for “Finally Found You,” which features the fine specimen in various shades of undress after reuniting with his childhood sweetheart at a nightclub. And to that we say, “Take me home tonight!”

11. Manlendar: Javier Bardem


This November, Javier Bardem began earning critical acclaim and Academy Award buzz for his creeptastic role as the villain in the new Bond film, Skyfall. And while he does steal the show in the movie, it was Bardem’s appearances at Skyfall’s premieres throughout the world that really made us melt. Looking all dapper and dashing on the red carpet, we just can’t help it!

12. Manlendar: Edgar Ramirez


We’re not going to lie; we have a slight thing for a man in uniform, especially when he looks like the striking Édgar Ramírez in the Osama bin Laden-inspired drama Zero Dark Thirty. The Venezuelan actor is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome; and the uniform only adds to Ramírez’s hot factor. But even when wearing more revealing attire as Ares, the traitorous god of war in this year’s Wrath of the Titans, the boy is quite divine!