Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Pregnancy: "I Can Still Put On Heels... For Now"

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a little over six months pregnant, and admits she's in her "honeymoon" phase of being pregnant, now that the few first months (and morning sickness!) are over. 

“[At] 12 weeks it’s like something happens — something clicks — and you’re back. I’m in the honeymoon stage of my pregnancy,” the actress told People

And while the pregnant star -- whose fiance is Cutter Dykstra -- says not a ton has changed in terms of lifestyle while being pregnant, she does admit that should be changing soon.

“I’m six and a half months now so I’m mobile. I can still move around. I can still put on heels if I need to — but I know summer’s coming.”

And right before the baby comes, don't expect Sigler to be doing much of anything. “Just staying inside in air conditioning is my plan,” jokes the mom-to-be.

What were you most sad to give up (high heels?) when  you were pregnant? Share in the comments!