Javier Bardem to Receive Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Talk about star power! On November 8, Javier Bardem will receive his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The unveling will occur just one day before the opening of the latest Bond film, Skyfall, in which Javier plays the villain Raoul Silva, reports the Huffington Post.

“We are very happy to welcome Javier Bardem to our Walk of Fame family,” Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leron Gubler said in a press release. “We pride ourselves on the fact that the Walk of Fame features some of our most popular international figures that work on films near and far. It shows the diversity that this world-famous sidewalk has to offer.”

The 43-year-old Spanish actor will receive the star in a ceremony outside the El Capitan Theater. Penelope Cruz, the actor's wife, will not be attending the ceremony. She received her own star in April 2011. 

The actor joins Mexican pop star Thalia along with 9 other Latino Walk of Famers.