Juanes Pens Details of Personal Life in Forthcoming 'Chasing the Sun' Memoir

Juanes fans will soon have an additional reason to adore him.

The beloved Colombian rocker has penned his first book, which will hit stores on April 2. The memoir, entitled Chasing the Sun and Persiguiendo el Sol respectively, is an intimate book about the 40-year-old’s personal life.

The memoir is being published by Celebra, a division of Penguin Group (USA), is printed in both English and Spanish and also includes never-before-seen photographs. We all know how photogenic the gorgeous colombiano is (not to mention his beautiful wife and children), so we’re curious to know what other images he’s included in the book.

So how deep does Juanes go in this forthcoming memoir? Pretty deep. What we hear is that the singer delves into different aspects of his professional life, including the music that influenced him early on, the beginning of his career, and the disbanding of Colombia’s leading (and award-winning) hard rock band Ekhymosis, of which he was a member with two of his friends. Juanes, who by now is internationally recognized, also goes into the challenges and consequences of increased fame – because it can’t always be easy.

As for his personal life, the Latin Grammy winner opens up about everything from the effects of witnessing corruption and violence in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia at a young age to his remorse over his father’s death. He also (of course) writes about his wife and the birth of their three children.

In a statement, Juanes described his memoir as an “expression of pure friendship and a sincere way of saying thanks to everyone who has supported my music over the years.”

The superstar added that it’s not his job to write books – not in the least.

“But I felt that if I really did this, it would be for you to learn who I truly am: who it is behind the songs you hear, why I make the music I make, and why I think the way I think.” 

It’s final – we’re adding Chasing the Sun to our list of must-reads.