Kate del Castillo's 5 Most Memorable Roles!

Happy 41st Birthday, Kate del Castillo!

The beautiful Mexican actress got her start in Spanish-language novelas, but quickly catapulted to fame in Latin America and the United States. With upcoming roles in Book of Life, El Americano, and A Miracle in Spanish Harlem, it seems the Mexicana will be enchanting audiences for years to come. Kate Del Castillo is one fierce mujer, and we're celebrating her birthday with five of her most dynamic, captivating, and memorable roles. Check them out: 

1. Kate del Castillo: Under the Same Moon

Under The Same Moon:
Kate del Castillo portrayed a Mexican immigrant in this beautiful film about family, love, community, and the American dream. “I am like my character,” she said, “Because she leaves everything behind to find something better. Her instincts are telling her what to do...I left behind my family and my name in a way and my position as a celebrity in Latin American to find something different.” Her role as Rosario, a mother who works illegally in the U.S. to provide a better life for her son in Mexico, earned her numerous accolades and widespread critical acclaim.

2. Kate del Castillo: K-11

Kate del Castillo shocked audiences when she chose to take on the role of Mousey, a Chicano transsexual convict who rules the homoesexual section of the Los Angeles County Jail. Castillo took her role in K-11 seriously, strapping on cojones to get into character and rocking numerous fake tattoos. “It’s very challenging to take on this kind of role,” del Castillo explained, “But to play a man, in a role that could have been played by a man? It’s really rare to have an opportunity like that and I went into it with everything I had.”

3. Kate del Castillo: Weeds


This character in one word? Badass! Pilar Zuazo is one fierce chica who pulls the strings behind Esteban’s political career...and personal life. “She is a powerful woman who comes in and shakes up the relationship between [Esteban and Nancy],” she told Latina in 2009, “She is violent. She knows exactly what she wants.”

4. Kate del Castillo: La Reina del Sur

La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South):
In La Reina del Sur, Kate del Castillo portrays Teresa, a 23-year-old women living with her boyfriend, a drug trafficker and rising star in the Sinaloa drug cartel. When he ends up dead, Teresa becomes wrapped up in the world of drug trafficking. The actress said her favorite part of the project was attempting to make her character sympathetic: “She smokes pot, she drinks tequila, she sleeps with everyone she wants,” she said, “And people love her. So it’s a challenge. But, at the end of the day, she’s a victim, and she became kind of an icon of a strong woman after all this tragedy.”

5. Kate del Castillo: Trade

It’s no secret that del Castillo loves to play fierce, bold, independent, dynamic characters. Trade, which focuses upon the sex trade industry in the United States, provided Kate del Castillo with the fantastic opportunity to show off her acting chops and portray a villain. Her character, Laura, aids in abducting a child and selling her into sex slavery. It was a complicated role, but one that the Mexican actress was eager to take on. “I love controversy,” she told Latina in 2013, “Strong roles, strong women. I love physicality, I love action, really interesting roles... [Trade] dealt with human trafficking, so, of course, if you can create some kind of awareness from a movie, it’s even better.”