Kendall Jenner Thinks Selena Gomez's Obsession With Justin Bieber is 'Pathetic'

Kendall Jenner Thinks Selena Gomez's Obession With Justin Bieber is 'Pathetic'
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Kendall Jenner is not feeling Selena Gomez at the moment! 

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Jenner and Gomez were friends once upon a time until Jenner broke girl code and became a little too buddy buddy with Justin Bieber

Gomez is trying to get her BFF Taylor Swift to keep Jenner out of their clique because of her relationship with the Biebs, according to Star magazine.

"Kendall thinks Taylor is as fake as they come and that Selena is pathetic for still being hung up on Justin," a source said. 

As far as Bieber and Gomez go, the two were seen hanging out recently at their Hillsong church.

The two were spotted in a Snapchat video posted by their pastor.

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Looks like Selena and Justin aren't letting anything affect their rekindling.