S**t My Latino Dad Says

Father knows best…well, maybe in TV Land. Our Latino dads offer some of the most, outlandish, funniest advice this side of George Lopez. Below are some of the craziest S**t Our Latino Dads Say. BTW if you’re wondering what to get your papi for Father’s Day? We’d go with a big can of shut the hell up! He doesn’t want to be bothered on his special day. 

1. Latino Dad 1

Quote: “When I had my first prostate exam . . .”

Occasion: Meeting daughter’s in-laws for the first time.

2. Latino Dad 2

Quote: “Don’t get anyone pregnant.”

Occasion: The sex talk with his 11-year-old son. 

3. Latino Dad 3

Quote: “Have you heard of that singer Shakira? She’s good.”

Occasion: Dad on pop culture.

4. Latino Dad 4

Quote: “You have a desk job? Pfft. That’s not a man’s job. You have a pansy’s job.”

Occasion: Congratulating son on his first job out of college.

5. Latino Dad 5

Quote: “If you start dating at 30, you’ll be ahead of the curb.”

Occasion: Dating advice to his teenaged daughter.