Meet the Man Who Will Replace Lin-Manuel Miranda in 'Hamilton:' Javier Muñoz

Meet the Man Who Will Replace Lin-Manuel Miranda in 'Hamilton'
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Lin-Manuel Miranda is out and Javier Muñoz is in.

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The creator of Hamilton has already announced that he will be leaving the hit Broadway musical in July and his alternate, Muñoz, will be replacing him. The performer has already had many opportunities to play Hamilton while Miranda has been away. This also isn't the first time that Muñoz has taken on Miranda's role. He actually stepped up to play Usnavi In the Heights for Miranda. 

"My greatest fear is not living up to Lin's expectations and the faith he is putting in me," he told Vulture. "He is so charming and likable and creates an immediate relationship with the audience every night."

Muñoz is no stranger to the stage but a little known fact is that he helped Miranda come up with the role of Hamilton. 

"We created the role together," Miranda tweeted. "I'm still jealous he got to perform for Jay-Z & Beyonce."

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We can't wait to see what Muñoz is made out of!