Daily Chisme: Is Luis Miguel a Deadbeat Dad?

Good morning gossip lovers! We know you can’t wait to dig into this one, and we don’t blame you…

- Luis Miguel may keep is personal life private, but his ex Aracely Arambula has no problem with setting the record straight about their relationship. The telenovela star recently opened up about her lawsuit against Luismi in the state of California demanding him to spend more time with their two sons, Miguel and Daniel.

In 2010, Aracely blasted Luis on Twitter for not spending enough time with their kids. She posted, “We should live in the present…and what better way to do so than with your kids, no?? Well, then??”

Apparently the issue hasn’t gotten any better. “As a mother, this situation hurts me,” she tells People en Español. The star, who is now married to actor Sebastián Rulli, goes on to say, “My door has always been open. He can see the kids whenever he wants to. I want the best for my children and I spend the most time with them. I just wish he had a closer relationship with them.”

El Sol and the Mexican actress reportedly split back in 2008. Since then, the Mexican singer has been linked to Daisy Fuentes and Kim Kardashian's bestie, Brittny Gastineau.

Sounds like Luismi should spend less time dating and more time with his family. What do you think?