Manlendar: The 12 Hottest Latinos of the Year—by Month!

Everyone knows Latin men are hot. But in 2011, Latino hunks took that hotness to a whole new level! From Hollywood stars to professional athletes, we proudly present our Manlendar: The 12 Hottest Latinos of the Year—by month! 

1. 2011 Men: Stefano Langone


When Stefano Langone showed up on American Idol in January, we instantly fell in love with the half-Mexican singer. And we weren't the only ones who were smitten with the dimpled hottie. The most beautiful woman in the world, Jennifer Lopez, lit up every time Stefano took the stage and flirted (innocently, of course) with Langone all through season 10. While he may not have won Idol season 10, Stefano did win a spot as one of our calendar hotties of 2011 (and let's face it, that's just as good!). 

2. 2011 Men: Mike Catherwood


We fell in love with the dimpled hunk when he co-hosted Live With Regis & Kelly with Kelly Ripa in February. The former bodybuilder looks great in a suit, and we're betting he looks even better out of it!

3. 2011 Men: Laz Alonso


Laz Alonso's A & E series Breakout Kings proved that the Cuban actor could be a leading man on TV. It also proved what we've known for years—he's super hot!

4. 2011 Men: Daddy Yankee


Daddy Yankee has always been hot, but the Puerto Rican singer has never looked hotter than he did in April, when he showed off his new muscles. Sexy!

5. 2011 Men: William Levy


When Jennifer Lopez premiered her music video for "I'm Into You" in May, we realized we were into William Levy! The dreamy Cuban actor's enormous muscles, chiseled chest and rock hard abs are on full display in the video and we approve wholeheartedly!

6. 2011 Men: Pitbull


Only Mr. Worldwide could look masculine and sexy in a pink shirt. The Cuban rapper had women running to the newsstands when he appeared on the June/July cover of Latina. Dale!

7. 2011 Men: Tyler Posey


His portrayal of Scotty McCail, a werewolf who's both sensitive and badass on MTV's hit show Teen Wolf, made us fall in love with the adorable Tyler Posey in July. The summer may have been hot, but the half-Mexican actor was hotter!

8. 2011 Men: Gabe Saporta


When Cobra Starship released their hit song "You Make Me Feel" in August, we instantly fell in love with the group's lead singer Gabe Saporta. The Uruguayan singer is undeniably sexy!

9. 2011 Men: Mark Sanchez


In September, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez graced the cover of GQ's September issue. The Mexican-American actor looked all kinds of hot in a fitted green shirt. How could a dreamy guy like Mark not make our hot guys calendar? That question is rhetorical, of course. 

10. 2011 Men: Ramon Rodriguez


The ABC Charlie's Angels reboot may have been short lived, but Ramon's chiseled chest is something we will never forget!

11. 2011 Men: Michael Trevino


The half-Mexican actor was already TV's hottest Latino werewolf, and in November, thanks to Klaus turning his character Tyler Lockwood into the first werewolf/vampire hybrid, Trevino became TV's hottest Latino vampire as well! Bella from Twilight may still be torn between Edward and Jacob, but maybe that's because she hasn't met Michael. With him she would have the best of both worlds!


12. 2011 Men: Victor Cruz


Hut-hut-hot! Last week, half-Puerto Rican New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz broke a Giants record by scoring a 99-yard touchdown in a single season! That alone guaranteed Cruz a spot on our 2011 Manlendar. 

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