Mariah Carey's Due Date Revealed!

OK, so Nick Cannon may have been a littler nervous about Mariah Carey going into labor before he got back home to NYC, but it seems that the babies aren't due for arrival for at least another month.

Nick, 30, recently revealed that the due date for the twins is May 14th, which is why when Mariah started having contractions on her birthday, the doctor's worked hard to make sure that the babies got a few more weeks before meeting the world.

“They’re calling it a ‘scare,’ but really, it was just nerve-racking,” Cannon told the Los Angeles Times. “We were in the hospital from 4 a.m. until I don’t even know.”

“The thing with twins is that you want them in their natural incubator as long as possible,” he continued. “They might be ready to come out, but we need them to stay in for a while.”

When the babies do arrive, they will be greeted by a virtual menagerie of stuffed animals. “It looks like Noah’s Ark in here," Nick joked of the twins nursery. "There’s giraffes, polar bears, lions."

It sounds like Nick and Mariah are going to be great parents!