Matthew McConaughey Won’t Change Diapers -- What Does That Mean for Camila Alves?

Matthew McConaughey is not ready for diaper duty!

When a reporter at Monday night's New York Film Critics Circle Awards dinner asked the "Magic Mike" star if he's on diaper duty yet, the 43-year-old actor told reporters: "I was there this morning, so I guess I am running home. But I'm not changing the diapers."

When asked who is changing them? He replied, “Somebody.” Hmmm. Wonder if that somebody is wife Camila Alves, who gave birth to their third child, son Livingston, 12 days ago. Hopefully for Alves, McConaughey was kidding.

Oh and about the name? Staying true to their cool kid monikers—Levi, Vida—the couple chose Livingston (which means “dear friend's place”) for its old English charm.

“At the time they were giving a lot of names by what your occupation was,” McConaughey told E! “Like Baker came from a person who was actually a baker. He’s living," he said.