Miss Universe 2013: Meet the 18 Latina Contestants

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

Next week, many Latin American beauties will take the stage and compete for the title of Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Over the years, countless gorgeous Latinas have taken home the prestigious honor–most recently, Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete won the pageant in 2010.

The show will be hosted by MSNBC Live’s Thomas Roberts and Mel B from America’s Got Talent. Watch the show on Saturday, Nov. 9 on NBC and Telemundo. 

Each of the Latin American contestants shared some words of wisdom with viewers. Check it out: 


1. miss uni slide 01 Brenda Gonzalez

Argentina: Brenda Gonzalez, 20.

“You can find the good in every situation if you look hard enough.” 

2. miss uni slide 02 Alexia Viruez

Bolivia: Alexia Viruez, 19. 

“I have given all of my effort and sacrificed so much to get where I am today, and strive to go even further to win the Miss Universe Competition, not only for myself but for my country.”

3. miss uni slide 03 Jakelyne Oliveira

Brazil: Jakelyne Oliveira, 20. 

“I consider my home the best place on Earth, because it’s where I feel safe, welcomed, and loved.”

4. miss uni slide 04 maria-jesus

Chile: Maria-Jesus Matthei, 21. 

“I am very blessed to have met and learned from so many different people and cultures already.”

5. miss uni slide 05 Lucia Aldana

Colombia: Lucia Aldana, 21. 

“I am a person of faith. I live my life to give glory to God, because I believe His will determined my life path.”

6. miss uni slide 06 Fabiana Granados

Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados, 23. 

“I believe pollution is the biggest problem facing the world today. We need to come together to reduce our energy consumptions to power our lives in the future.”

7. miss uni slide 07 Yaritza Reyes

Dominican Republic: Yaritza Reyes, 19.

“It’s not about what you have or where you are, it’s about what you believe you can become.” 

8. miss uni slide 08 Constanza Baez

Ecuador: Constanza Baez, 22.

“For me, health and nutrition are very important, and I would love to share my passion with others. It is important to me that people understand it is not about your weight, but about how healthy you feel.” 

9. miss uni slide 09 alba delgado

El Salvador: Alba Delgado, 22. 

“My father’s view that you can do anything with perseverance and God’s blessing has really influenced the way I live my own life.”

10. miss uni slide 10 Paulette Samayoa

Guatemala: Paulette Samayoa, 23.

“I dedicate my energy and interest to the projects I undertake. With great joy, I live on to represent my country and interact with different international organizations.”

11. miss uni slide 12 Diana Schoutsen

Honduras: Diana Schoutsen, 26.

“When I’m with my family, I am home.”

12. miss uni slide 13 cynthia duque

Mexico: Cynthia Duque, 21.

“The easiest solution to poverty is for us to share a part of ourselves to those who have nothing.”

13. miss uni slide 14 Nastassja Bolivar

Nicaragua: Nastassja Bolivar, 25.

“I don’t like just being the model; I also like to be the boss.”

14. miss uni slide 15 Carolina Brid

Panama: Carolina Brid, 23.

“Racism is the biggest problem facing the world right now. We need to accept other’s beliefs and become more tolerant.”

15. miss uni slide 16 Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera

Paraguay: Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera, 21. 

“Life is not easy. One must sacrifice and stay determined to reach one’s goals.”

16. miss uni slide 17 Cindy Mejia

Peru: Cindy Mejia, 26. 

“We are all in this world together, and must live and love like we understand that.”

17. miss uni slide 18 Monic Perez

Puerto Rico: Monic Perez, 23.

“The biggest issue facing the world today is tolerance. It’s essential to promote values in the home and respect all human beings.”

18. miss uni slide 19 Gabriela Isler

Venezuela: Gabriela Isler, 25. 

“There isn’t a fall that a woman can’t recover from.”