5 Things You Need to Know This Morning

5 Things You Need to Know This Morning

1. MTV 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman was found dead but her cause of death is still under investigation. Her 7-year-old daughter, Naveah, has been in the custody of Fairman's mom, Janice. Before her death, Valerie was struggling with substance abuse but her mom "never suspected" she was still using drugs. (E! News)

2. A Univision series based on Jenni Rivera's life has gotten got the green light even though her estate is suing the man behind it all. Rivera's former manager Pete Salgado is being sued to stop the series and until a hearing in early 2017, he is not allowed to engage in “disclosing or divulging any information, knowledge, and data relating to the respective operations, business, financial affairs and personal affairs of Dolores Janney Rivera p/k/a Jenni Rivera, Rosa A. Rivera Flores, Jaquelin Campos, Jenika Lopez, Juan Lopez, Trinidad Marin, or Janney Marin to any person, firm, or corporation other than JRE or its designees,” Judge Raphael stated. (Deadline)

3. WWE Star Chyna's cause of death has been revealed. The wrestler's death was accidental due to the consuming of alcohol and a combination of prescription drugs. (People)

4. The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market truck attack reportedly has been killed in a police shootout in Milan. Anis Amri reportedly pulled out a gun when an officer asked him to show ID during a routine traffic stop. He shot the officer and a second cop killed him on the scene. (The New York Times

5. Nick Cannon is spending the holidays in the hospital instead of with #DemBabies due to Lupus complications. Cannon posted a photo of himself on Instagram to update people on what he was going through. "For all who have been trying to contact me the last few days this is where I've been. And I will be in the Hospital through Christmas," he wrote. "All good though, Doctors say I will be back to normal before the New Year. #LupusSucks #ncredible #warrior." he captioned the photo.