WATCH: Nicole Richie Accidentally Gets Slapped in the Face During Interview

Nicole Richie better have her boxing gloves on from here on out.

The 35-year-old fashion designer was in the middle of an interview with "Talk Stoop" when host Cat Greenleaf accidentally gave Richie a run for her money by punching her on the side of her face!

The two were discussing the exciting news that Los Angeles was getting some much-needed rain, which prompted a high five gone horribly wrong. The host was mortified, to say the least, but Richie took it like a champ and continued on in style. Greenleaf then asked Richie for a fun-fact about herself (after she dished that hers is clumsiness, of course) to which Richie joked, "I was just abused two seconds ago."

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After the awkward moment, Richie and the "Talk Stoop" host were left to discuss the mother-of-two's upcoming spot in NBC's Great News. This will be Richie's first scripted role to date, where she'll play Portia, a modern take on the traditional news anchor.

Watch above to see the slap and hear more about Richie's show.