Pitbull Opens Up About His Relationship With Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio

Pitbull Relationship Marco Rubio Jeb Bush
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It's no secret that Pitbull has a lot of affection for his home state: Florida. But it may come as a surprise that he enjoys some friendships with two presidential candidates from his 'hood, Sen. Marco Rubio and former governor Jeb Bush

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"I have a relationship with Jeb Bush, and I have a relationship with Marco Rubio, and when we sit down and talk, we don't talk politics," the Miami-born rapper told Fox News Latino. "And let me tell you, Jeb Bush speaks Spanish fluently. He can hang in the neighborhoods of Miami and they go, 'You've got to be kidding me. This guy is a Bush?'"

Mr. 305 has yet to endorse a candidate or a political party, although he has been outspoken about certain candidates' controversial positions. He said that despite his "priceless" relationships with Bush and Rubio, he would not campaign for the candidates.

"For me, [what matters is] who is the best candidate to try to help what is going on in the United States of America," he added. "What they say is that if the United States of America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. So whoever takes on the United States of America is taking on the whole world, also." 

In July, Pitbull took the stage at Spanish-language award show Premios Juventud to blast GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for his anti-Mexican statements. "I want to tell Marco Rubio, step it up! Jeb Bush, step it up! Hillary Clinton, step it up! Because Donald Trump can't be president," he told the crowd. "For all of the Latinos out there, keep your heads up, and Trump, watch out for El Chapo dude." 

In the interview with FNL, Pitbull said he respects Trump as a businessman, but does not support his rhetoric. "For what [Trump] is doing and what he's trying to do, God bless him," he said. "But on my end, it's not something that I would stand next to, stand for, approve or in any way, shape or form, allow that kind of disrespect toward our culture." 

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