President Barack Obama On Daughter Malia’s Spanish: It’s “Getting Very Good”

Sounds like President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia is on her way to becoming fluent in Spanish.

During his recent visit to Mexico last Friday, the 51-year-old Prez addressed Mexican high school and university students at Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology.

“As a proud father, I have to say Malia’s Spanish is getting very good – and it helps that she’s smarter than I am,” Obama joked with the crowd, inciting some pleased chuckles.

Obama also addressed the crowd, saying that Mexico has welcomed Malia and her classmates to Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s states. He was referring to a class trip the then 13-year-old took with her fellow peers at Sidwell Friends School in Washington. During the trip, Malia and other students volunteered at an orphanage and visited archaeological sites.

This was Obama’s fourth visit to Mexico as president and his second visit to the museum.

But it looks as though Malia isn’t the only one mastering her Spanish. Obama isn’t too bad – he spoke some Spanish as well.

Es un placer estar entre amigos [it’s a pleasure to be among friends],” Obama said. His “entre” was a little off, we know, but we have to give it to Obama for his effort, right? At least he doesn’t sound like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Or Miguel Bloombito, as many like to call him.