8 Heartwarming Pics of Ricky Martin and His Twins!

Ricky Martin is possibly the sweetest and most loving papá ever! Have you seen him in action with his beautiful 4-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino? He takes them with him everywhere!

Ricky even traveled with his boys to Australia in March so he could coach The Voice Australia. He wasn't expected to take them until April, but Ricky had reportedly been missing them while on location.

With Father's Day this Sunday, we thought we'd honor Ricky by sharing some of the most heartwarming pics of him and his twins. Enjoy!

1. Ricky Martin Twins 1

A day at the playa? Sure! Ricky Martin shared this picture of himself enjoying the sand and sun with his boys whom were one-years-old at the time. He shared the personal photo on his website and said that fatherhood "feels amazing."

2. Ricky Martin Twins 2

Another day at the beach. Ricky gives a sweet kiss to one of his twins. Que nice! But is that Matteo or Valentino? Can you guess?

3. Ricky Martin Twins 3

We think it's safe to say that this has got to be People en Español's best cover yet. Just look! Ricky is the epitome of the picture-perfect Dad here. And those twins? Preciosos!

4. Ricky Martin Twins 4

Un abrázo, please! Ricky shares a loving hug with Matteo at Bronte Park in Sydney, Australia.

5. Ricky Martin Twins 5

Triplets! Ricky and his twins were all dressed in gray for this Vanity Fair magazine photo.

6. Ricky Martin Twins 6

It looks like the twins are always having fun with Daddy. In this pic from their spread in Vanity Fair, Ricky, Matteo and Valentino lay happily talking and laughing together.

7. Ricky Martin Twins 7

We just love the theme Vanity Fair kept up with in their photo shoot. Valentino and Matteo were dressed in outfits just like Ricky in each shot. Don't you just love how much they look like their father here?

8. Ricky Martin Twins 8

And we couldn't do without adding this Vanity Fair cover. Pure Daddy and children perfection. Enough said.