'Sabado Gigante' Star Sentenced to Life in Prison For Child Pornography

'Sabado Gigante' Star Sentenced to Life in Prison For Child Pornography

Former Sabado Gigante star Adonis Losada received a 153-year prison sentence on Wednesday for possession of child pornography.

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Losada, who played Doña Concha on the beloved Univision variety show, was convicted in April on 51 counts of possession of child pornography in Miami-Dade County. He is also currently serving a 10-year sentence at Palm Beach County for the same crime.

The 52-year-old was arrested after making contact with an undercover cop in a chat room called “Baby Toddler Love.” Losada was also recorded showing a photo album of child pornography to an undercover detective outside a Florida Starbucks. When the police raided his home, they found dozens of child porn on a hard drive in his hamper.

At his trial, Losada took the stand in hysterics, swearing he only played along with the undercover cop as a way to “conquest” the man in bed. He also claimed to not have known that the chat room he was in was for child porn, but could not defend the child-porn image he sent to the undercover cop in a chat room.

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Jurors say they were very close to acquitting him, but his dramatic performance in the courtroom is what sealed the deal for convicting him. When Losada complained that his defense failed him, the judge was quick to remind him that his lawyers were "superb."