Salma Hayek: "I Don't Have a Need for Marriage"

The fiercest celebrity mommy in Hollywood is back in the public eye: Salma Hayek graces the cover of Glamour magazine in a waist-and-cleavage defining dress, and has a mouthful to say about when she and her billionaire fiance will—or won't—finally tie the knot.

"Right now I am just enjoying my baby," she says. " Do I think we are going to
get married? Probably. Will it make a difference? I hope not. I don’t have a
need for marriage. You want to grow old with someone, you want to have a partner
and to have children—we have all those things. Some people need the commitment.
Maybe we’ll just make the party!”

Amen, Salma. We're glad you're in love and happy. Just don't disappear from the spotlight for so long again!