Exclusive Outtakes: Salma Hayek's October 2015 Cover Shoot

Want even more from our October 2015 cover star, Salma Hayek? Check out these exclusive quotes from her cover shoot: 

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On feminism: “You know, I’m a feminist. I am. But I’m a natural feminist. I’ve always been surrounded by magnificent women who have been a force of strength in my life and a source of inspiration.” 

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On her volunteer and field work: “Sometimes you work on big projects, and sometimes you go as a volunteer. You just sweep the floors, wash the people. I mean, for example, when I was working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, I went with no organization. I showed up on my own with a friend, and I was working in three hospices…. [Mother Teresa] was not there. I met her when she was sick. She was administrating. I was doing the work. You understand that one of the big problems is dysentery, and I was washing all of the patients with diarrhea. It’s not like I came to visit [Mother Teresa], and I’m going to take a picture. No, I was sweeping floors and wiping diarrhea all day long. You know shaving heads full of lice, curing wounds where maggots where coming out of, vaccinating. I was vaccinating in Sierra Leone. I worked in camps. I worked in Africa, India, Europe, Middle East and all of Latin America and the United States.”

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On Hillary Clinton: “You have to know how to fight [the right wing]. It’s one thing to have the ideas, and it’s another thing to muscle them through. [Hillary Clinton] is tough.”

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On speaking Spanish in America: “When I got here there were a lot of people who didn’t speak Spanish, because their parents didn’t want them to speak Spanish. They wanted their kids to assimilate the culture, and they didn’t really speak Spanish because it was not cool to speak Spanish. And that we’ve changed.”

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On working with prostitutes throughout Latin America: “I’ve only worked with prostitutes in Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua. And I also feel something in Mexico, where it was right next to a [movie set], and I used to be friends with them. When we were doing Desperado, we had a location where it was all guys. And you know there was no other girl [in the movie], so I used to hang out with the girls. I used to watch novelas. I used to watch telenovelas in the little rooms during the day when they were not working. And they would tell me their stories.” 

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On her breastfeeding controversy: "I got actually some letters. The people were very offended because the baby was black. And it quite shocked me. Now mind you, [the story] came out two years after I did it, because that journalist [who filmed the video] was doing a story about how breastfeeding is a very serious problem in Africa. And she remembered, and she looked for me. She called my publicist, and she said, ‘I don’t care what you say, but this is important. What she did is important to people. We need this example.’ And so she [released the video]. I didn’t care.”

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On labels: “Of course I still consider myself an American Latina. I just feel that that’s not all I am. For example, some people are all happy that I said I was Lebanese and I refuse. Just like I refused the people who are racist who try to put a label on me or put me in a box. I also don’t want to be labeled by my own people in some kind of exclusivity... I am Latina. I am Mexican. I am proud of those things.”