Is Selena Gomez Apologizing To The Weeknd On Instagram?

Instagram/Selena Gomez

Oh, the Internet loves a good breakup story. And fans are watching Selena Gomez and ex-bae The Weeknd’s moves very closely—to the point where speculation is the name of this love game.

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On November 29, The Weeknd made it their breakup Instagram official, ‘cause you know, if it doesn’t happen on social media, then it never really happened, right? Never mind that they broke up in October and she’s been spotted praying and brunching with ex-bae turned current bae Justin Bieber.

The “Starboy” singer unfollowed Selena and deleted all traces of the Mexican-American beauty from his IG account after SelGo was recently spotted being all cozy and kissing Bieber.

When a super cryptic post popped up on Selena’s IG timeline, it had everyone wondering: Was this message directed toward The Weeknd?

Given his wipe my IG timeline clean of all traces of her, it could be.

In Selena’s post, she looks thoughtful and maybe even a bit remorseful perched on a staircase in a denim jacket and sneakers. And her caption made the Internet raise a collective eyebrow. She wrote: “All apologies.”

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This isn’t a regular day for folks who love relationship tea. Was the “Wolves” singer’s IG post directed at The Weeknd? Check it out below and decide for yourself.

Check out the post below, and judge for yourself.

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all apologies

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