Selena Gomez is Done with Being Defined By Her Romantic Relationships

Selena Gomez is Done with Being Defined By Her Boyfriends

Where Selena Gomez goes, the boys follow. But don't get it twisted, the 24-year-old singer is more than her public romances.

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According to sources, Gomez is "fed up" with "everyone on social media trying to define her by the guy she's dating and is proud of her accomplishments as a singer." The source continued, "She thinks every time she hooks up with someone people ignore her as an artist, a TV producer for a new show, the face of Coach and the most followed person on Instagram."

Most recently, the singer has been tied to The Weeknd, though neither star has confirmed their relationship. However, the two have been spotted jetting off on vacations together, and Gomez even shelled out a hefty amount of money for the singer's birthday. It seems as though Gomez is enjoying her time with her new beau, but reports explain that she chose not to attend this year's Grammy Awards, in an effort to "separate her identity" from The Weeknd. In addition to this, Gomez is also still dealing with being linked to ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, almost three years after their breakup. Most recently, reports showed that Bieber was trying to "poke fun" at Gomez's new boyfriend and her new song was rumored to be about him.

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Despite being constantly under the microscope regarding her romantic relationships, the singer remains one of the most successful artists in Hollywood – the one and only fact we should be focusing on. In 2016 alone, she became Coach's new brand ambassador, became a spokesperson for anxiety and became the most followed person on Instagram, among many other achievements.