Selena Gomez Reunites With Justin Bieber Saturday, Attends Bible Study Sunday

Selena Gomez is one sought-after star. When she's not reuniting with her ex Justin Bieber, who joined her Saturday night for YLA's private concert at Soho House in West Hollywood, she's being told by reporters that One Direction has the hots for her.

The newly single singer-slash-actress learned from Extra's Terri Seymour that One Direction admitted she's their top pick for any celebrity they'd like to kiss. When asked which member of the pop quintet she wouldn't mind kissing, Gomez didn't shy away from the question.   

"Zayn! Maybe..." she said. "That's it, I'm done!"

Gomez, who's been on the flirtier side lately, doesn't seem to be totally done with Bieber. She sported a sexy blue look-what-you're-missing pencil skirt to the club Saturday while Bieber wore his usual jeans and backward baseball cap. YLA's Brooke Adams took to Twitter to share her excitement about the pair being there. "No big deal.. Bieber and Gomez front seat at our first show. Musta been the music," she tweeted.

Gomez ended her high-profile weekend by attending a prayer meeting led by E! correspondent Jason Kennedy. The star-studded bible study group, which includes Vanessa Hudgens and 90210's Matt Lanter, gathers monthly in a Beverly Hills hotel's conference room. Bieber and his mom Patty Mallette have attended meetings in the past, but Gomez went solo this time.