Selena Gomez Rocks The Weeknd's T-Shirt at Family Game Night

Selena Gomez Rocks The Weeknd T-Shirt at Family Game Night

By the looks of it, Selena Gomez is rockin' some fashionable PDA. 

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The singer was spotted wearing a t-shirt in support of her rumored new boyfriend, The Weeknd, while at a family game night. Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, shared a fun snapshot from the night, and some #selenators recognized her t-shirt from the rapper's official merchandise collection. "Abel (The Weeknd) is proud to have Selena by his side," a source noted, despite the two not physically being together that evening.

Though they have been linked together quite a bit, Gomez and The Weeknd's schedules often fail them and leave them without too much time to connect. That's why the 24-year-old star missed out on The Weeknd's birthday party (but still picked up the tab, of course). Luckily, though, the duo had some time in late January to jet off on a little vacation.

Despite Gomez's exciting new relationship, she has expressed to sources how frustrated she is with being "defined" by the men around her. According to the source, the singer is "fed up" with "everyone on social media trying to define her by the guy she's dating and is proud of her accomplishments as a singer. She thinks every time she hooks up with someone people ignore her as "an artist, a TV producer for a new show, the face of Coach and the most followed person on Instagram."

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For now, though, we'll look at Gomez's game night attire as a #MajorKey in her new romance. Check out the photo below: