Shakira & Gerard Piqué Announce World Baby Shower!

We knew Shakira’s career is at a global level – but we didn’t know she would turn her baby shower that way too!

The Colombian superstar and her beau Gerard Piqué are hosting a world baby shower. You read correctly.

On Twitter today, the 35-year-old singer wrote: “We'd like to celebrate the imminent birth of our first child with all of you,” and accompanied a link to a page, which leads you to an airy colored-pencil drawing of a door to enter in either Spanish or English. Beside the door are bright blue balloons with the UNICEF logo, and above the door reads “Join Shakira & Gerard Piqué’s World Baby Shower to Help UNICEF Save Children’s Lives.”

In association with UNICEF, the soon-to-be parents are asking fans to attend their virtual baby shower online by purchasing an Inspired Gift from their registry. The effort will help less privileged babies the gift of immunization so they can, according to UNICEF’s website, “grow up healthy and disease free.”

In a video uploaded earlier today on YouTube, Shakira and her beau express in Spanish more details behind their shower.

“Thanks to all of you, they will receive in the form of inspired gifts therapeutic food packets, vaccines, and rehydration salts which will help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies throughout the world. 

Shaki never ceases to amaze us with her big heart. The only question remains is – will you be attending?

Check out the adorable video of Shakira and Piqué below: