Shakira's Ex & Former Manager Sues Her for Millions

Another legal battle is brewing for Shakira, and this time it's from a former flame. Antonio de la Rua, Shakira's ex and former manager, is suing the Colombian singer for $250 million. (Yes, you read that right). De la Rua is claiming that Shakira has pending contracts with him where he is owed money for the work he did, reports Fox News Latino

The couple dated for 11 years, and Spanish paper La Razon is reporting that De la Rua says he had no choice but to put other projects on hold in order to become Shakira's full-time manager. During this time, De la Rua claims that he is owed 18 percent of all the profits he helped Shakira land during this time, including multi-million dollar contracts and her Live Nation/Sony music deal. He also wants Shakira to hand over the house the two of them purchased in Uruguay and the apartment they bought together in New York City. 

Shakira's attorney says Shakira is not obligated to hand over any money thanks to a financial agreement the two of them signed when they were still together. 

What do you think of this suit?