Sofia Vergara Heads to Court to Permanently Block Nick Loeb from Accessing Her Embryos

Sofia Vergara Hopes to Permanently Block Nick Loeb from Accessing Her Embryos

He's the ex that just refuses to go away.

It's been over 10 months since we last heard about Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb's ongoing embryo battle but alas, another update.

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E! News has obtained documents that the actress filed on Tuesday, which state that she hopes to permanently block Loeb from filing any future lawsuits regarding access to her embryos. Back in 2013, when the two were planning on doing IVF, the former couple froze Vergara's embryos.

In the documents, the Modern Family star explains that she believes Loeb will continue to try to get access to her embryos, and therefore, she must take a "declaratory judgment" ordering that the Art Reproductive Center be "prohibited from releasing the Pre-Embryos for any purpose without explicit mutual written consent" from both Loeb and Vergara." Reports show the actress is also seeking money to make up for the "malicious conduct" done by Loeb regarding their contract. This includes "incurred damages in an amount significantly greater than the jurisdictional minimum."

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In April of last year, Loeb spoke to Access Hollywood about the current state of their lawsuit.

“We’ve been through the depositions and now we are waiting for a court date to be set, it should be sometime this summer," he said. Loeb also explained that many people think he "wants" Vergara's baby, rather than seeking justice for their decision. Vergara, however, has not been publicly discussing the case, aside from formerly explaining she felt he was trying to take advantage of her career. Vergara's attorney, however, said her intention is to leave the embryos frozen forever, since she is not planning on having a child with her ex-fiancée.