Sources Confirm Demi Lovato is Not in Rehab

Despite a whirlwind of rumors, it has been confirmed that part-Mexican Demi Lovato is not back in rehab. Talk that the singer/actress might have returned to a treatment center were goaded by Lovato’s absence at the Grammys and a tweet she sent to fans last week saying, “Away on a mind and body cleansing retreat!! This is exciting. Won’t be tweeting much this week but I love you my lovatics!”

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A source close to Lovato cleared up the tweet, according to, saying, “Demi had a week off between work commitments and made the personal decision to spend the week with the professional support team she assembled to help her with her ongoing physical and emotional issues.” The beautiful Lovato, who was in rehab from November 2010 to January 2011, has since become an inspiration to other young people facing personal struggles. “To be able to share my story and let them know that it gets easier … Life is beautiful … you are worthy of it,” Lovato said. “Please say a prayer for all of those struggling with eating disorders, self-harm, mood disorders and substance abuse.”

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