Star Tracker: Pedro Almodóvar, Jennifer Lopez, Monica Cruz and more...

— Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's excited to see how people will receive his latest project, The Skin I Live In, premiering at this year’s Cannes Film Festival . “I’m very happy with the result of the The Skin I Live In, and I'm tremendously curious to see the reaction in the eclectic heart of the festival."

— Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha must be elated! His latest film Rio broke records in his native country as the highest earning animated debut, with $8.3 million in ticket sales. The film opens tomorrow in the United States.

— Being named People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman comes with the pressure for Jennifer Lopez to look stunning on the cover of the magazine. Makeup artist Mary Phillips revealed the makeup magic behind La Lopez's photo shoot.

Monica Cruz wants you to go green! Penelope's sister recently presented her new “eco bag” design as part of the Be Green Be Chic campaign. “I am happy to be part of a project that unites two of my greatest passions, fashion and the environment. I am convinced that every small act counts.” The bags will be on sale in Spain until May 7, and proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund of Spain and Geólogos del Mundo.