Thalía’s Mother Dies Unexpectedly in Mexico

Thalía’s mother, Yolanda Miranda, died this morning in Mexico of what is believed to be a heart attack.

“Half of my soul has died today…I feel as if I’m dying slowly…thank you for your prayers for my warrior, for my mother,” the Mexican singer Tweeted. confirmed Ms. Miranda died unexpectedly. Her death is not related to Lyme disease, which she suffered in 2008 after being bitten by a tick.

Last month, Mexican celebrity magazine TVNotas interviewed Ms. Miranda about her difficult recuperation, during which she took up to 30 pills a day to feel better. 

“I’m cured 100 percent, and fortunately I don’t need any treatment,” she said.

News of her death broke after Thalía’s actress sister, Laura Zapata, who was in Puerto Rico, posted it on her personal Facebook page. She asked fans and friends to pray for her mother – closing with, “Good journey, mamita, and may God be with you.”

Zapata is now traveling to Mexico, but Thalía has decided not to leave New York due to her advanced pregnancy. Their other sister, Ernestina Sodi, has cancelled her wedding to Mexico City government official, Mauricio Camps, which was set for this Saturday.