Is Thalia Having a Baby Boy?

Is Thalia's second baby a boy? That's what sources close to the couple are telling Maxine Woodside, host of the Toda Para La Mujer radio program.

The Mexican pop star announced about a month ago that she was expecting baby number two with her husband, big-time music producer Tommy Mottola but had indicated that she was going to let the sex of the baby be a surprise. Thalia told press that she asked her 3-year-old daughter Sabrina Sakae whether she wanted a brother or a sister only for the little girl to reply, " I just want a baby, Mommy," so she's decided to follow in her baby girls footsteps and hold out until delivery to find out the sex of her second child.

Thalia's mother, Yolanda Miranda, told press last year that Thalia would love to have a little boy. "We're so in love with Sabrina, but Thalia is dying to have a baby boy, a little man. That way she can have a pair. Hopefully, she'll be able to give Saki a little brother."