Tyler Posey Reps His Culture at the MTV VMAs

Hundreds of screaming fans toughed it out in the heat Thursday to watch their favorite stars strut the red carpet before a blonde Demi Lovato got the party started at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in L.A.  

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey got his fair share of screams. The 20-year-old lead actor may play an awkward teen struggling to balance a normal life and werewolf responsibilities on MTV’s hit show, but in real life he’s confident and carefree.

He slipped off his grey tweed blazer, complimented this blushing reporter on her cool recording pen and sea green nails (it’s his favorite color), to tell us why he loves being Latino.

“I’m Mexican,” he said. “I love how proud everybody is about their culture. My mom has her house like a hacienda. There are suns everywhere. It’s yellow and red. It’s a beautiful culture. Everyone’s so damn nice. I just love it.”

 As for his favorite Latin food, Posey got us hungry.

“My family and I go to the farmer’s market every Sunday morning to get freshly made tamales. My grandma used to make them. They’re delicious.”

Posey, who plays guitar and sings in his band Lost in Kostko, was most excited to see Green Day perform. As for those screaming fans? One Direction nearly caused the barricades between stars to burst.