Update: Salma Hayek's Husband Breaks Silence in Child Support Dispute

Salma Hayek’s husband François-Henri Pinault may have to pay a hefty chunk of change in child support every month. People is reporting that supermodel Linda Evangelista, whose 4-year-old son, Augustin, was confirmed to be Pinault’s last month, filed a support order this past Monday in Manhattan Family Court seeking about $46,000 each month. 

Salma Hayek’s Husband Did Not Cheat, But Has Been Confirmed as Father of Supermodel’s Baby

Matthew Troy, the support magistrate who is supposed to mediate the decision, told the New York Post that this would be largest support order in the history of the family court. The child support battle between Pinault and 46-year-old Evangelista began about a month ago when she publically named him in court papers, sparking a media swirl around France’s third richest man and his wife, Hayek. Pinault had a fling with Evangelista while he and Hayek were broken up in 2006. Hayek and Pinault have been married since 2009 and have a 4-year-old daughter together. 

Salma Hayek and Husband Remain United Despite Paternity News

Evangelista’s lawyer, William Beslow, told the support magistrate that Hayek’s husband has not paid any child support since her son was born and added that the money would cover the cost of a 24-hour nanny and drivers who are retired police detectives (at about $255 thousand a year). Pinault’s lawyer, David Aaronson, fired back against the requests, stating that the supermodel has a worth of more than $8 million and earned $1.8 million last year alone.

According to a People.com story posted on the website this afternoon, François-Henri Pinault has now broken his silence in the child support dispute over his child with supermodel Linda Evangelista. The French businessman is refuting claims by Evangelista's lawyer that he has been "paying zero" toward raising the now 4-year-old boy.

Pinault tells the French issue of Elle that he has "recognized" the boy since 2007 and that "at every possible opportunity he has participated in my family life whether in France or the United States." Pinault says that Augustin even has a relationship with Valentina, the child he fathered with Hayek in 2007. "He is totally integrated within my family," he adds. 

Augustin was born in October 2006, more than eight months after Pinault had been separated from Evangelista and around the time that Pinault started dating Hayek. Evangelista is seeking $46,000 a month in support.