WATCH: Michael Phelps Races Great White Shark, Audience is Not Happy


When one thinks about the Olympics, Michael Phelps is a name that immediately comes to mind. With 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold, he is the most decorated Olympian ever and has definitely earned his title as the king of the swimming pool. However, when it comes to competitive swimming there is someone (or thing) who may be able to dethrone Michael. This entity is massive, fast and deadly, but most importantly it is the ruler of the ocean-- the great white shark.

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Discovery Channel advertised that they were going to put the ultimate competition to the test to see if Michael could beat his fiercest competitor to date. The race aired last night as part of the networks week-long annual television program "Shark Week." Viewers were not happy with what they saw, because Michael raced a fake shark. The video below is a clip of the race, posted from Shark Week's twitter, during the one-hour show. 


The video shows Michael racing a simulated shark whose speed was determined by data collected from real sharks. Even though Michael stated in previous interviews that he would not be racing side-by-side with an actual shark, viewers were super disappointed. 






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Even though the thought of Michael racing a shark is pretty cool, we have to admit that would have been an unlikely and extremly dangerous scenario. Michael lost to the simulated shark by 2 seconds, so maybe there will be a rematch sometime in the future because, as we all know, Michael isn't used to getting a silver medal.