WATCH: Our Favorite Dancing Dogs!

Who doesn’t love a dancing dog, especially one that shakes its tail to salsa or merengue? Judging by how many hits these viral videos of rhythmically gifted canines get on YouTube, we’re not alone in our obsession! So, to help you get through the dog days of summer, we've assembled the most talented dancing dogs on the web here for your viewing pleasure! 

Why Are Men Such Dogs?

1. costume

J.Lo who? This Merengue dancing retriever who goes by the name "Carrie," knows how to work a crowd, whether she's appearing on The David Letterman Show, The Wendy Williams Show, or just performing for the folks in her town. Carrie is a sensational dancer, but what we love most about her is her adorable costume, which she wears to all of her performances! 

Watch: This Dog Dances A Mean Merengue!

2. cute

Pay special attention to this chihuahua's amazing discipline when it comes to keeping its hands perfectly still, while shaking its legs and hips like a club-goer at a Miami nightclub. Someone get this dog a drink! 

3. Dogs

They have 2, 173, 288 hits on Youtube and they don't seem cocky about it. These two adorable pups prove that two dancing dogs are cuter than one, and what's hilarious about the video is that they seem to be competing for the spotlight. At one point, one dog pushes the other out of the way as if to say, "I'm the star of this production!"

4. Rtuy

While not as talented as the other dogs on the web, this pup has tons of energy and plenty of rhythm. 

5. dog

This chubby little dog dances with the conviction of a woman on a mission. Talk about having rhythm! 

WATCH: Dog Dancing a Hot Salsa!