Daily Chisme: William Levy's Twitter Page Gets Hacked and More!

Happy Friday chisme lovers! We know you can’t wait to dig into this one!

- Got a sweet message on Twitter from William Levy? It may end up making your day, but your computer won’t be too pleased. The Cuban actor’s page has been hacked. Apparently this mystery person has been sending messages attached with a virus-infested link.

Of course, William is still to the rescue. “Urgent! If you get a message from me saying, “wow did you see this picture of you” don’t open it! It’s a virus,” he tweeted.

Bueno, you’ve been warned!

- We all know Romeo Santos has a tendency to lick his lips, but he assures fans that his habit has nothing to with feeling sexy or anything (right!). During a video chat with fans for a Puerto Rican publication, the bachatero confessed, “If only the ladies knew that I don’t lick my lips because I think I’m sexy. It’s just that my lips get dry and I went them so they don’t look ugly.” Keep getting your LL Cool J on Romeo!