10 Reasons Vanessa Bryant is the Ultimate WAG

Although it may seem like a glamorous lifestyle, being the wife of a professional athlete is not easy. The WAG lifestyle is one that consists of busy schedules, little privacy, and intense scrutiny. For those who aren't educated on this fairly new acronym, it stands for "Wives and Girlfriends of high-profile professional athletes." According to Wikipedia, the term "WAG" originated from the British tabloids as a way to refer to soccer wives. Regardless of its origins, there is one WAG in particular that is the fairest of them all, the Queen Mamba, Vanessa Bryant. Click below to see the 10 reasons why this Latina is the MVP of the WAG world.

1. She is a Proud Mami

She is a great mother

Queen Mamba may undergo a lot of judgement, especially with being in the public eye. However, she is a proud mommy of her three beautiful girls Natalia,14, Gianna,11, and Bianca, 7-months with retired basketball star, Kobe Bryant

2. She is Loyal

Vanessa met her husband when she was an extra for a music video and he happened to be at the same place at the same time. The two married when she was 19 and Bryant was 22. Despite some bumps in the road the brunette beauty has remained alongside her man proving that she is the ultimate ride-or-die.

3. Feminist?

The Mexican-American Latina took to Instagram and posted the picture above during the 2017 Women's March. This isn't the first time she has hinted at her political standings. She has also posted a picture embracing former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama (captioning it with a heart), and wore a shirt to one of her hubby's games that read "Do I Look Illegal?"

4. Red Bottoms Fill her Closet, or at Least a Small Portion of it.

We aren't saying that having an amazing closet is a standard for being an amazing wife, but we can't help but gush over this Latina's collection of Louboutins. Although she obtains other important and great qualities, her ability to always look flawless from head-to-toe cannot go unnoticed. 

5. She's has Beliefs

Everyone is entitled to their freedom of religion. Whether your beliefs are spiritual, religious or non-religious it's important to know what your values are because they will impact your behaviors. Bryant has never been one to shy away from her beliefs and has posted several pictures, via Instagram, that show her catholic faith. We love a girl who knows what she stands for! 

6. She's Supportive

Vanessa has always been a frequent audience member at her husband's games. It's crucial to support your loved one in their passion and Vanessa has proven to always be present. 

7. She's Not Afraid to Take Fashion Risks

Again, style and wardrobe don't dictate your ability to be a great wife, or in this case WAG, but we can appreciate how the Queen Mamba is constantly changing up her look and always looks fabulous while doing so. 

8. Queen Mamba can ball!




Who knew that Vanessa could hoop?! In the video above she makes a basket from the free-throw line while standing backwards, not the conventional way to play the sport but still pretty cool. 

9. She Keeps it Real

The 35-year-old mother of three has never been one to censor her opinions. She has been pretty controversial over the years for comments she has made, but as Latinas we are strong-minded women and should not be afraid to state our opinions.

10. She's Tight With the Other Wives

Vanessa's instagram shows her out with other super successful ladies (and athlete wives) Adrienne Bosh, Gabrielle Union, 'Cookie' Johnson (Earlitha Kelly) and Lala Anthony. It's important to have trustworthy friends that can relate to you, especially when you're family is constantly in the limelight.